Tonawanda Free Methodist Church is born

According to a Tonawanda News article in the early days the Tonawanda congregation was made up of mainly German and English origin and many worked on the Mighty Niagara River as River Boat Drivers. August 30, 1887, the first Sunday School Picnic was approved and held. The official minutes read, "Resolved that there is nothing wicked or wrong in giving our Sunday School a day of recreation. On motion this resolution be adopted; secured.  Motion prevailed.
*In the early 1900's, Henry Ford introduced the Model T. Ford. This great man was the first American car manufacturer who pioneered methods of mass production to make cheap cars.
*The Village of Tonawanda became the City of Tonawanda 1904 as the Tonawanda’s grew in population and had an economic success and also became one of the largest Lumber ports in the world.
*World War I began in 1914. During the war years, many improvements were completed on the new Adam Street property such as new lighting and new hymnals that cost 50 cents each.
In the 1920's, an extension was put on the parsonage.  The church was elevated to provide a full basement with rest rooms, Sunday School rooms, and dining room accommodations.
During the pastorate of Rev. H. T. Grover, extension changes were made in the auditorium by removal of the original class-room, and addition of a balcony, changing the entrance and installing new lighting.
*The first Radio commercial was broadcasted in 1922.
It was decided to close Sunday School until opening of Public Schools due to so many cases of Polio in 1944. The next year brought an end to both World Wars.
During the pastorate of Rev. Elmer Cook, the Tonawanda Church became the sponsor of the Nash Road Free Methodist Church. Two lots on Nash Road were accepted with great appreciation for Sunday School and Church purposes from business associates in the community. On August 9, 1949 the first Vacation Bible School was conducted at the Nash Road Church. Our two churches are considered to be sister churches to this day.
The Tonawanda church has not tried to hold all its strength to itself.  Records show that it has been a "mother-type" of church.  It has helped other churches were assigned with it to the ministers in charge. It has worked with Pekin, Cayuga Creek,  Porter,  Newfane, Wilson,  Lockport,  and  probably  many  others,   including "Suspension   Bridge" otherwise  known as Niagara  Falls  .
On August 30, 1951, the proposition of having instrumental music in the church was presented to the Tonawanda society and out of 16 ballots cast 14 were in favor of having it. A piano was purchased for $57.60.
 In 1955, a small organ was purchased to further bring music to the Adam St. church.