Free Methodist Church was born

Buffalo, New York was the seat of the Methodist General Conference in May 1860 when political pressure prevented investigation of the Genesee Conference injustices. The appeal of B.T. Roberts and the signed petition of fifteen hundred lay members were disregarded and the Free Methodist Church "had its origin by necessity and not in choice".
At a gathering of expelled layman and ministers from the Methodist Episcopal Church meeting in central Niagara County it was greatly debated on what the future would hold, many including B.T. Roberts wanted to continue to pressure the Methodist Episcopal Church into returning to the Methodist Way. At the conclusion of their meeting the new denomination was officially organized at Pekin, New York in the area of Sanborn on August 23, 1860.
The first session of the then Genesee Conference was held at Rushford, New York, beginning November 8, 1960. Although the name "Free Methodist" had been used by several independent churches in both Western New York and Illinois,
The name  "Methodist°  was retained  for the new organization especially  because the founders  felt  that  their  misfortunes had come to  them because  of their adherence  to  doctrines and  standards of Methodism.   The word "Free" was suggested  and adopted  as a part of the name 'because of the  new  church was  to be  an anti-slavery church  (slavery was  a live issue  in those  days); because  seats in the churches  were to  be free  rather than sold  or rented  (as common in those  days); and because  the  new church  hoped for the   freedom of the Spirit in   services rather  than a  stifling formality.
In the "Free Methodist Church" the Christian experience is taught exactly to the teachings of John Wesley and several other authorities of the Methodist Church from 1750 until 1850.
." In the year1887, the incorporation of the Conference was authorized September 19, 1887 when B.T.  Roberts was president and Wilson T. Hogue (Hoog) was secretary. Our Genesee (Now called the Genesis Conference) Conference was incorporated on August 2, 1888.
*Time has passed and it is now 1860 and Abraham Lincoln has just been elected as the first Republican President of a nation that was sharply divided over slavery and other issues.
*The year of 1861 brought Civil War to the United States between the Confederates and the Union. Even though the Civil War continued, many changes and events were still happening, Congress passed the trans-continental railroad bill creating  the Union Pacific;  Congress passed  an act prohibiting slavery;  Arizona became a U. S. Territory; the first  U.S. paper money was  issued  with notes of  $5.00 to  $1,000.00.  Julia Ward Howe's "Battle Hymn of the Republic"
was published for the first time in the Atlantic Monthly.
In 1874, the Free Methodist Church showed a disposition to respond to the “Great Commission”; a Missionary Board was formed in 1874. India is our oldest mission field. Africa is our second oldest.