We are adhering to ALL NYS Guidelines

Any Question Feel Free to Reach Out to us at info@tfmchurch.com

Mask Wearing

Please wear a mask at all times when inside the building.  If you do not have a mask, there are masks available at the entrance when you walk in.

Social Distancing

We have implemented social distancing. Please enter the building using the front door and follow the path when inside.  Also every other pew has been blocked off.  We have opened up additional seating in our fellowship hall, from there you can comfortably watch the service.


Our Building is Sanitized after every service.  We also have a Professional Cleaning crew who Cleans and Sanitizes the entire building.
We also provide hand sanitizer when entering and leaving the building

Online Streaming

If you are sick or not feeling well please stay home.   You can watch us online through our Website, Facebook, and YouTube.