Free Methodist Church was born

This ushered in a new era for the he church, the church became part of the community that surrounded them. In 1967 Rev. Glen Ziegler (1967-1974 was appointed as Assistant Pastor to Rev. Duncan.
1970 – 1972 Rev. Thomas B. Simpson pastored the Tonawanda congregation.
1973 – 1977 Rev. H. Roy Goodrich Pastored the Congregation. Rev. Goodrich had strong conviction to never sway from the Commandments. “A Parish should not alter from God’s book” Rev. Goodrich Stated in an interview with Tonawanda News in the Mid 1970’s, he also said that his flock believed in tithing at least 10% of their income, many go way above that. They had to in order to meet the $581 needed each week to operate the church not including Sunday school and missionary giving. He said that the Tonawanda congregation is just Amazing.
1976 - 1983 Assistant Pastor- Rev. Glenn Ziegler
1978 -1983 Rev. Virgil Dey
1984 -1989 Rev. Loyd H. McNemar